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Mecca News

Post  potclover932 on Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:47 am

The Daily Blab

Welcome to Mecca

This is Mecca the place where humans thrive. It's always fun here and something is always happening. If you think something is going on and really want to know just check out the paper. It is updated daily and will always keep you entertained. So, yeah anyways welcome to Mecca the party planet as some people call it. Just remember we have cameras everywhere, so you will be caught if you do ANYTHING.

New Members

Looks like Mecca is the same old Mecca. There are no new people to meet and create relationships with. But, look on the bright side atleast you will know mostly everyone. So ofcourse if anyone new comes I will defenantly tell you. ttyl Cool


There has been many rumors going on. It seems that more and more people are trying to get a horse, just beacuse. It's so wrong Crying or Very sad . Well anyway, there is also a rumor that there will be a new mall built so, more people will come to Mecca and actually stay instead of going back to Earth. I mean what's so great about Earth when we almost destroyed it. I mean there is no more oil to use for gas and other things we don't really need but have used up. So, yes a new mall. Get ready ladies cause I will meet you there and we can shop til we drop Wink .

Daily Reports

I have a weird feeling that this will be empty for awhile. I mean it's not like there is anything really interesting to talk about. Like lets say our buddy Rick Lark got a girlfriend, which is actually really normal for him. But, anyway it wouldn't be here but in like the gossip colum. Which in my opinion is the best, but don't tell the editor that. So, yeah The only thing I have heard about that is even worthy to go here is that there has been a HUGE electrical problem in Elincton City and almost every store there is closed until power is back. Bummer right Sad , well yeah it is and that means you have to go ALL the way to Balemen Mall just to get stuff. That like really sucks.

Well unti lthe next issue ttfn

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