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Cansolia News

Post  potclover932 on Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:32 pm

~*~Pony Express~*~

Welcome to Cansolia

It looks like there is many many new horses joining Cansolia. They can be from a mini horse to a full hieght Shire they all are here on Cansolia. All of the horses on Cansolia have to put their information in so we will know then whenever they come on. But, there will be fun places for you to see and explore. Just remeber cougars and bears are everywhere, and will attack if they must.

New Members

Looks like there is no new members to get to know, but we will always keep a lookout and tell you if there is any.

Land, Land, and More Land

Where you will find out who claimed what land and if they started a herd yet.

Love at First Site

This is where you can find out about all the horses that are falling in love. You will always be updated with who are mates and where they live.

Colts and Fillies

This is where you will find out all of the new foals in the land of Cansolia. It will list the parents and all the info for the foal. So keep watch and mabey a mare that you know is going to have a little foal.

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