Cansolia History

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Cansolia History

Post  potclover932 on Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:06 pm

The History of Cansolia Razz

Cansolia was formed by the colision of two moons. Once these colided they formed a planet the was disfigured and squareish in shape. But, over many years horses have been eroding the surface of the planet so now it is round in shape. The first two horses were male and female and were used as experimental horses on Mecca. They were sent to Cansolia to see if the planet could hold life. Well ever since that day when those two horses were dropped off many horses have been on this planet. Over the hundereds of years horses have been evolving into the creatures we know today. But, two things that all the horses on Cansolia have in common is that they all have a strong hooves that can go through almost anything and, a strong coat that will get them through the harsh winters and summers that occur in Cansolia. The horses have been living in peace for many centuries, but when the humans from Mrcca have come over to their planet. The horses have been wondering how and why these creatures come to their planet and take them back to Mecca. There has been many accounts of humans stalking the humans to take back to their planet, but most horses do in fact get away. The whole planet of Cansolia is lush and fertile. It is great for horses and most animals, and other animals have been appearing. For example, there has been more accounts of cougar or bear attacks in the last 3 years then there has any been in over 5 years Shocked . Yes, it is true but mmost horses stay away from the places where the attacks happen, so they are safe and happy. There ia a small house on the most southern tip of Cansolia that was built by humans so they could keep track of the humans and where they came from. No horse has been able to get to this house, because the more south you go the hotter it gets. So, at that house it can get up to 195 degrees. Well welcome to Cansolia and have fun.

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